My Recent Disney World Trip

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OK, so Martin and I went to Disney World a few weeks back, and I figure it’s about time I write about it, and post pictures, of course!

So here goes.

Tuesday, Feb 7

  • 9.20am: We board our plane at Charlotte-Douglas Int’l Airport for Orlando.
  • 11.30am: Arrive in Orlando Int’l Airport
    Luckily we carried on our bags, so we didn’t have to deal with the hassle of waiting on them to arrive at baggage claim
    Try to figure out where the Disney’s Magical Express counter is that will get us on a bus to our hotel, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
  • Determine that Orlando airport has 3 levels (how odd!) and we need to go down 2 levels via the elevator to get to the Disney counters.
  • 2pm: Arrive at our hotel, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. We are tired and I think Martin is still a bit jet-lagged from traveling from England, so we get all checked in and get our room cards with our names on and the dates of our stay, which also function as our park passes, and then just chill out in the room for awhile, which was ready for us upon arrival.
  • 3pm: Finally found our room and chilled for awhile before deciding to explore the Magic Kingdom
  • 4pm: ¬†Got to the Magic Kingdom and went on a few rides.

My Typing Speed

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Well I took a test today online to see what my typing speed, also known as wpm, or words per minute, is. I knew I was a fast typer but I didn’t know what exactly my words per minute speed was. The last time I checked it was around 65 wpm, but this time it was 76 wpm.

Knowing this information will be helpful in getting a typing or writing job, where many of them require a candidate to be able to type 45 wpm as a minimum. Luckily, I qualify!

Team Crazy is Going to Disney!!

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I am super-excited to report that Martin and I are going to Disney World. My mom has been mentioning for years that Martin and I should take a short trip to Disney World, as she feels (as do I) that everyone should have the opportunity to experience all that Disney World has to offer at least once in their lives.

So, thanks to my mom organizing and arranging everything, Martin and I are going! Pics and more info to come!! Stay tuned!!